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Afforestation for firewood production

Afforestation for firewood production [Afghanistan]

Non-fruit and fruit trees are planted on heavily degraded forest land to protect the land from erosion and further degradation and provide fuelwood for the local community.

  • Compilador: Bettina Wolfgramm
Ferula cultivation on degraded slopes

Ferula cultivation on degraded slopes [Afghanistan]

Ferula cultivation is used as a method to protect cropland and grazing land from erosion - and it can bring degraded land back into production. It provides ferula gum, which is sold for high prices on the local market.

  • Compilador: Bettina Wolfgramm
Terracing in Watershed

Terracing in Watershed [Afghanistan]

Reshaping unproductive land into a series of levelled, gently-sloping platforms creates conditions suitable for cultivation and prevents accelerated erosion.

  • Compilador: Aqila Haidery
Roof rain water harvesting

Roof rain water harvesting [Afghanistan]

Stone masonry reservoir linked with roof rain water through a pipe scheme to provide safe drinking/low cost water supply in the remote areas.

  • Compilador: Aqila Haidery
Terraces with improved seed and fertilizer application

Terraces with improved seed and fertilizer application [Afghanistan]

Terraces are established on mountain slopes used mainly for cropping wheat, with the purpose of soil protection from erosion, preserving runoff, sediments and nutrients on-site. Improved seeds and fertilizer are applied on the terraces for increasing crop yield, but also vegetation cover and biomass production, and thus prevent further land ...

  • Compilador: Roziya Kirgizbekova
Riverbank stabilization

Riverbank stabilization [Afghanistan]

A low cost and an easy activity for protecting agricultural lands, gardens and public infrastructure from the damages of flash flood.

  • Compilador: Aqila Haidery
Proclamation of the protected area in Albania_ Prespa National Park. Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 80, date 18.02.1999|

Proclamation of the protected area in Albania_ Prespa ... [Albania]

The best practice in the Prespa Park is considered the protection of the area from degradation. By proclaiming the area as national park ,logging has been banned , . the livestock have been changed in terms of the races of animals. People changed gradualy the livestock from goat to caw. ...

  • Compilador: UNCCD PRAIS
Community supported pasture and rangeland rehabilitation works

Community supported pasture and rangeland rehabilitation works [Angola]

Rehabilitation of rangelands involves selection of key pasture and fodder species, and their reintroduction into strategic areas through stakeholder participation. The technology is also supported by communal management plans, which were created to address the root causes of land degradation.

  • Compilador: Nicholas Euan Sharpe