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Peer to Peer Pass-on Approach with Women

Peer to Peer Pass-on Approach with Women [Bangladesh]

Terre des hommes and Greendots introduced the Peer to Peer pass-on system to enable women's groups in Bangladesh to spread the Keyhole Garden technique within their communities with the aim of enabling year-round homestead vegetable production despite the risk of flooding and tidal surge.

  • Составитель: John Brogan
Early Warning Message Dissemination

Early Warning Message Dissemination [Bangladesh]

An effective system for dissemination of early warning messages was established among the vulnerable communities in Chars (riverine sandy islands) of Gaibandha district, Bangladesh, in order to strengthen their coping mechanisms and reduce loss and damage caused by floods.

  • Составитель: TUHIN SAMADDAR
Community Mobilization for SLM Interventions

Community Mobilization for SLM Interventions [Bhutan]

Community mobilization in implementing sustainable land management technologies is indispensable in engaging the community to identify their priorities, resources, needs and solutions. It ultimately promotes bottom-up participation and fosters accountability.

  • Составитель: Nima Dolma Tamang
Improved Pasture Development

Improved Pasture Development [Bhutan]

The improved pasture development approach focuses on enhancing pasture productivity, which is managed sustainably for grazing. Livestock productivity depends greatly on improved pastures. It is very important to manage pastures to support the livelihoods of rural communities in Bhutan.

  • Составитель: ONGPO LEPCHA