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Agroforestry extension

Agroforestry extension [Costa Rica]

Participatory extension of agroforestry systems, especially of shadegrown coffee, to promote sustainable and productive use of natural resources among small and medium scale farmers.

  • Составитель: Olman Quiros Madrigal
Agricultura conservacionista

Agricultura conservacionista [Costa Rica]

Mejorar la rentibilidad, equidad y sostenibilidad de los sistemas de producción de los productores, mediante la adapción, transferencia y difusión de tecnologías amigables con el medio ambiente utilizando metodologías participativas aplicadas en las unidades fisiográficas propiciando el desarrollo humano.

  • Составитель: Unknown User
Labour exchange

Labour exchange [Ethiopia]

It is an approach based on labour exchange organized on the basis of mutual assistance involving no payment for work done. However, the land user is supposed to provide people participating with food and drinks. All wanting such cooperation request the me

  • Составитель: Unknown User
Farmer-Research-Extension Group (FREG)

Farmer-Research-Extension Group (FREG) [Ethiopia]

Farmer-Research-Extension Group (FREG) is a grass root level platform aims to bridge gaps on agricultural technology transfer between research and extension linkage and provide a platform of 20-30 members from research, extension and farmer for their joint learning and active participatory role in agricultural technology evaluation and dessimination.

  • Составитель: Gizaw Desta Gessesse
Local Level participatory planning approach (LLPPA)

Local Level participatory planning approach (LLPPA) [Ethiopia]

Participatory planning tools using various PRA techniques to enable the local community to identif their problem prioritize to sellect suitable measures & activities (planing, implementing & mgt of conservation based initiatives.

  • Составитель: Philippe Zahner