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Floating Garden

Floating Garden [Bangladesh]

Floating Garden is a traditional technology, practiced in the southern parts of Bangladesh locally called “Baira” or “Dhap”. The technology allows producing crops, vegetables and seedlings in areas where farming land is scarce and where the land is flodded or water logged for more than six months in a year.

  • Составитель: Shamim Ahamed
Marshy land transformed into productive land

Marshy land transformed into productive land [Bangladesh]

Marshy land is transformed into a ridge and ditch area, where the ridges are wide enough for the nursery of diverse plants and seedlings and where after 6-8 years the yearly management practices the land got strong enough for various agricultural practices (i.e. guava, hog plum, plums and timber wood ...

  • Составитель: Rahatul Islam
Keyhole Garden

Keyhole Garden [Bangladesh]

The Keyhole Garden model of homestead vegetable cultivation enhances the resilience of families living in areas with climate-related hazards, such as flooding and drought. Keyhole gardens have been shown to increase vegetable production in all seasons, thereby improving household food autonomy and dietary diversity.

  • Составитель: John Brogan
Pitcher irrigation for the management of moderately saline soils

Pitcher irrigation for the management of moderately saline ... [Bangladesh]

The technology is called pitcher irrigation technology because irrigation water is provided from an earthen pitcher which has several small holes on its bottom. The earthen pitcher is placed on a raised bed which is filled with fresh irrigation water having several pores on its bottom. Then jute fibres are ...

  • Составитель: Md Babul Hossain
Assisted Natural Regeneration

Assisted Natural Regeneration [Bangladesh]

Assisted natural regeneration (ANR) is a simple, low-cost forest restoration method that can effectively convert deforested lands to more productive forests.

  • Составитель: Fazlay Arafat
Hill Agroforestry

Hill Agroforestry [Bangladesh]

Mixed fruits gardening on hill slope with forest trees on hill top and bamboo at the lower part of the hill.

  • Составитель: Jalal Uddin Md. Shoaib