Interplanting fruit trees of Longan, Peach, Plum etc. [中国]

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1. 一般信息

1.2 参与方法评估和文件编制的资源人员和机构的联系方式



Zhang Degong


Water & Soil Conservation Office of Zhaoan County

408# Office Building of Zhaoan County Government, Fujian 363500


Water & Soil Conservation Office of Zhaoan County (Water & Soil Conservation Office of Zhaoan County) - 中国

1.3 关于使用通过WOCAT记录的数据的条件


1.4 SLM技术问卷的参考

Longan, Plum interplanting

Longan, Plum interplanting [中国]

Interplanting plum, peach in the Longan orchard to conserve soil and water and improve soil fertility.

  • 编制者: zhangsheng LIU

2. SLM方法的描述

2.1 该方法的简要说明

Interplanting plum, peach and other fruit trees in longan orchard on level terraces in order to prevent soil and water loss and improve production of the fruit trees.

2.2 该方法的详细说明


The objectives of the approach is to interplant fruit trees in orchard so as to prevent water loss and soil erosion. The specific targets are to build the slope land in the hilly and mountain areas into terraces and plant trees in order to improve surface vegetation cover rate and reduce water and soil loss; to harvest surplus rainfall in the raining season and irrigate the fruit trees in dry seasons. To implement the project, local government gave financial support and SWC specialists gave technologically guide to local land users.

2.3 该方法的照片

2.5 采用该方法的国家/地区/地点





2.6 该方法的开始和终止日期



2.7 方法的类型

  • 基于项目/方案

2.8 该方法的主要目的/目标

The main aims are to lead the land users to develop waste mountain areas and plant fruit trees in order to add farmers' income. The SLM Approach addressed the following problems: To strengthen the management in the area of serious water loss and soil erosion, consummate the SWC measures and mobilize enthusiasm of the land users in SWC.

2.9 推动或妨碍实施本办法所适用的技术的条件

  • 阻碍

lack of capital causing the farmers' unwillingness to invest much.
Treatment through the SLM Approach: Raising fund from variable channels and government constructing infrastructure beforehand.

  • 启动

The existing land ownership, land use rights / water rights greatly helped the approach implementation: Separation between ownership and usufruct of land, to great extent, enhances the land users' enthusiasm of SWC investment.

  • 阻碍

Lack of specific technicians, practical experience is not enough.
Treatment through the SLM Approach: Traning specific technicians, propagandizing the techniques.

3. 相关利益相关者的参与和角色

3.1 该方法涉及的利益相关者及其职责

  • 当地土地使用者/当地社区

Working land users were work equally divided between men and women (The manner of community is in favor of investment in water & soil conservation as well as save the total cost.)

  • SLM专家/农业顾问
  • 国家政府(规划者、决策者)

water & soil conservation departments

  • National specialists
3.2 当地土地使用者/当地社区参与该方法的不同阶段
当地土地使用者/当地社区的参与 指定参与人员并描述活动
启动/动机 外部支持 Public meetings; Convening the public meeting for the delegates and cadres in the village committees.
计划 互动 Public meetings; Consulting the concrete imbursement of the measures from governments and dividing the lands to plant.
实施 自我动员 Responsibility for major steps; Taking a lot of time to level off lands, build and repair terraces as well as improve soil fertility.
监测/评估 互动 Mainly: Reporting; partly: Interviews/questionnaires; Land users report the results for higher-up administrative sections and exchange experience as well as popularize good method.
Research 互动 on-station; Mainly investigating the effects of the SWC, studying good methods from others.

3.3 流程图(如可用)


Procedure of the implememtation of the SWC approach.

3.4 有关SLM技术选择的决策


According to the mass's request of developing market economy, which also can enhance the water & soil conservation.
Decisions on the method of implementing the SLM Technology were made by mainly by land users supported by SLM specialists. The administration sections popularize the technique by establishing small trial and demonstration areas.

4. 技术支持、能力建设和知识管理

4.1 能力建设/培训


  • 土地使用者
  • Extensionists/trainers (2), SWC specialists (1)
  • 示范区域
  • 课程
  • Farm visits

How to fertilize and manage fruit trees.

4.2 咨询服务


  • 在土地使用者的土地上

Name of method used for advisory service: Interplanting in orchard; Key elements: interplanting, fruit trees, management; 1) Extension staff: Mainly government employees 2) Target groups for extension: Land users; Activities: Carrying out technic training
Advisory service is quite adequate to ensure the continuation of land conservation activities; Mainly inducting the land users to plantation according to market needs so as to maintain the development of agricultural economy. Some aspects have to be improved.

4.3 机构强化(组织发展)

  • 是,非常
  • 本地
  • 能力建设/培训
  • 设备

4.4 监测和评估



bio-physical aspects were ad hoc monitored through measurements
technical aspects were regular monitored through measurements
socio-cultural aspects were ad hoc monitored through observations
economic / production aspects were ad hoc monitored through measurements
area treated aspects were regular monitored through measurements
land users involved aspects were ad hoc monitored through observations
management of Approach aspects were regular monitored through observations
There were few changes in the Approach as a result of monitoring and evaluation: From the observation and evaluation, the shortcoming could be found and remedied.

4.5 研究


  • 生态学

Research was carried out on-farm

5. 融资和外部物质支持

5.1 该方法中SLM组成部分的年度预算

  • 10,000-100,000

Approach costs were met by the following donors: government (national - state): 80.0%; other (land users): 20.0%

5.2 为土地使用者提供财政/物质支援


5.3 对特定投入的补贴(包括劳动力)

  • 设备
具体说明哪些投入得到了补贴 程度如何 对补贴做出具体说明
工具 部分融资 hand tools
  • 农业
具体说明哪些投入得到了补贴 程度如何 对补贴做出具体说明
种子 充分融资 seedlings
化肥 充分融资
Biocides 充分融资
  • 基建
具体说明哪些投入得到了补贴 程度如何 对补贴做出具体说明
community infrastructure free of charge
  • 自愿

Main input in labor, paid in cash.

5.4 信用



Interest rate charged: 0.74%, Interest was lower than market rate.


The rich easily obtain credit.

6. 影响分析和结论性陈述

6.1 方法的影响

  • 是,很少
  • 是,中等
  • 是,支持力度很大

Changing the land use pattern and obtain higher benefits from the SWC input.

  • 是,很少
  • 是,中等
  • 是,支持力度很大

By the project implementation of national or local government, some subsidies can make up for the obstacle. The problem is likely to be overcome in the near future. Along with the land users' recognizant enhance of SWC, the conflict between land ownership and use right could be minimized.

Did other land users / projects adopt the Approach?
  • 是,很少
  • 是,中等
  • 是,支持力度很大

Development of the woodland also adopts the approach of water & soil conservation.

6.3 方法活动的可持续性


6.4 该方法的长处/优点

Increasing fruit tree yield and income (How to sustain/ enhance this strength: Collecting information and planting the species that market need.)
Increasing farmers' income and improving the locals living standard. (How to sustain/ enhance this strength: Enlarging planting areas.)
Developing the waste mountain and hilly areas and recovering environment. (How to sustain/ enhance this strength: Scientifically planning and implementing.)
Enhance of land users' SWC consciousness. (How to sustain/ enhance this strength: Training and demonstration.)

6.5 该方法的弱点/缺点以及克服它们的方法

编制者或其他关键资源人员认为的弱点/缺点/风险 如何克服它们?
Much more input at the beginning. Subsidy.

7. 参考和链接

7.1 方法/信息来源

  • 实地考察、实地调查
  • 与土地使用者的访谈