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Pasture User Union

Pasture User Union [Tajikistan]

Livestock holders at village level join a pasture user union to access different rights provided under the national law "About pastures" passed in 2013. Among others, the Paster User Unions (PUUs) are able to obtain onwership of a communal collective pasture land, have the right to collect fees to improve ...

  • Compiler: Boris Orlowsky
Pasture and Livestock Management Plan

Pasture and Livestock Management Plan [Tajikistan]

"Pasture and Livestock Management Plan" is a participatory approach which is guiding pasture users, members of Pasture User Unions and Pasture User Groups to develop their action plan on pasture and livestock management. The approach brings together stakeholders, who are involved at any stage in pasture management or can contribute ...

  • Compiler: Askarsho Zevarshoev
Pasture inclination used for developing grazing plan

Pasture inclination used for developing grazing plan [Tajikistan]

In this approach the inclination of pasture land and its effect on the spread of sun and shadow is used to identify different periods for grazing. This simple approach will raise awareness and provides biological aspects in pasture management. In this approach the vegetation cover of the pasture is linked ...

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Technical Assistance Groups (TAG)

Technical Assistance Groups (TAG) [Tajikistan]

Technical advisory groups working on a 'fee for service' basis provide an effective service to farmers to achieve measurable yield increases, based on regular crop monitoring, crop management advice and effective use of inputs (fertilisers, water, pesticides, etc.)

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Conversion of Village Livestock Committees into the legal Pasture User Unions

Conversion of Village Livestock Committees into the legal ... [Tajikistan]

Livestock committees were established with the goal to improve livestock health as well as natural resource management in the watersheds where the village pastures were situated. Livestock committees in the Muminabad district are organised at village level and coordinate their activities through the registered livestock association at district level.

  • Compiler: Sa'dy Odinashoev