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Moo Lum Pig Farming: A Zero-Waste Management Technology

Moo Lum Pig Farming: A Zero-Waste Management Technology [Thailand]

The Zero-Waste Pig Farm or Moo Lum is the integrated management of pigs in pens with the use of microorganisms that lead to the safety of pork products. This technique has become beneficial, as the pig waste can be used as organic fertilizer that produces no pollution to the community.

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Shelterbelts [Togo]

Shelterbelts made of leguminous trees and shrubs protect annual crops from wind erosion.

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Culture en couloir

Culture en couloir [Togo]

La technologie de culture en couloir consiste à installer à intervalles réguliers des haies vives d'espèces légumineuses pérennes entre lesquelles les cultures saisonnières sont pratiquées.

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Smallstock Manure Production

Smallstock Manure Production [Togo]

Smallstock manure production technology is an easy and efficient method to produce organic fertilizer for the conservation and improvement of soil fertility.

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Woven Wood Fences

Woven Wood Fences [Turkey]

Wooden fences are an effective and relatively cheap way of conserving soil from water erosion by decreasing overland flow. They also increase crop yield by encouraging better infiltration.

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