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Organic cotton

Organic cotton [Burkina Faso]

In the Loba province of Burkina Faso, the production, storage, processing and marketing of organic cotton has been promoted since 2004 by Helvetas.

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Parkland Agroforestry System

Parkland Agroforestry System [Burkina Faso]

Parklands are the traditional agroforestry systems of semi-arid West Africa or Sahel where naturally growing, valuable trees are protected and nurtured on cropping and grazing lands

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Forest Beekeeping

Forest Beekeeping [Cameroon]

Apiculture (beekeeping) is a traditional practice providing a high number of non-timber forest products.

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Aloe Vera Living Barriers

Aloe Vera Living Barriers [Cape Verde]

It is a technique which uses the structure of a cross-slope barrier of Aloe vera to combat soil erosion by decreasing surface wash and increasing infiltration.

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Spate Irrigation

Spate Irrigation [Eritrea]

Spate irrigation is a traditional water diversion and spreading technology.

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Afforestation and Hillside Terracing

Afforestation and Hillside Terracing [Eritrea]

Tree plantations in combination with hillside terracing to protect upper catchment areas are a widespread technology in the Central and Northern Highland Zone of Eritrea.

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Runoff/floodwater farming

Runoff/floodwater farming [Ethiopia]

Runoff/flood farming locally known as Korbe is a practice that involves diversion of water from different sources for growing vegetables, fruit trees and crops of high value on a land prepared known as Korbe.

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