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مصدات الرياح

مصدات الرياح [Yemen]

أغلب المزارعين يقومون بحماية مزارعهم عبر التشجير على حدود المزرعة كمصدات رياح أو احزمة شجرية. أما بالنسبة للمزارع التي هي على ضفاف الوادي فيقوم المزارعون بعمل الجدران الساندة لحماية المزراع من جرف السيول

  • Compiler: UNCCD PRAIS
Diversion construction with gates and distribution channels

Diversion construction with gates and distribution channels [Yemen]

The stone existed in the region are used for building diversion constructions to raise the level of wadi bed to the level of the inlet of the cultivated land that need to be irrigated from water harvesting in addition to distribution channels in the fields

  • Compiler: ahmed algalal
leveled mountain terraces

leveled mountain terraces [Yemen]

organized collective action at a high pace for building agricultural terraces to improve livelihoods in resource-scarce regions in the ground

  • Compiler: ahmed algalal
Participatory Research and Development

Participatory Research and Development [Zambia]

This is a collaborative process between researchers and farmers for developing and adapting new technologies that focus on incorporating the perspectives and inputs from the farmers into the development process.

  • Compiler: Arthur Chomba
Conservation Tillage with Magoye Ripper

Conservation Tillage with Magoye Ripper [Zambia]

Conservation Tillage with the Magoye Ripper is an animal draft reduced tillage method that involves the use of the Magoye Ripper to loosen the soil by shattering with a tine instead of ploughing.

  • Compiler: Silenga Wamunyima
Animal Draft Zero-Tillage

Animal Draft Zero-Tillage [Zambia]

Animal draft zero-till involves the use of an animal drawn mechanical planter to plant directly in untilled soil to minimize soil disturbance and leave a cover of crop residues to conserve the soil and water.

  • Compiler: Silenga Wamunyima