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Tree farming

Tree farming [Uganda]

the SWC technology entails growing of markhamia lutea trees like food crops involving application of manure and mulch.

  • Compiler: Alex Lwakuba
Mulching using  banana leaves

Mulching using banana leaves [Uganda]

Dry banana leaves are spread in the soil for growing banana plantation for improving soil fertility and moisture content retention.

  • Compiler: Kamugisha Rick Nelson
Percolation pits

Percolation pits [Uganda]

A percolation pit is an excavation in the ground in the pathway of water runoff to intercept the flow of the water and thereby reduce erosion and destruction of crops, settlements and other infrastructure downstream

  • Compiler: Philip Tibenderana
Grass strips

Grass strips [Uganda]

Napier grass strips control soil erosion on annual and perennial cropland on moderately-angled to highly-angled slopes.

  • Compiler: Wilson Bamwerinde
Ground water fed fish ponds

Ground water fed fish ponds [Uganda]

Fish farming supported by availability of water is considered as profitable enterprise in Northern Uganda. Farmers use areas with either high water tables or swamps to locate the ground water recharged fish ponds and water for fish production and crop irrigation during the dry season.

  • Compiler: Kamugisha Rick Nelson
Orchard of Mangoes and Oranges for Soil Fertility Improvement.

Orchard of Mangoes and Oranges for Soil Fertility … [Uganda]

The technology involves growing of Mangoes (Mangifera indica) and Oranges (Citrus sinensis) in the same field with the aim of conserving the environment, protecting soil from erosion, and generating income from the sale of fruits.

  • Compiler: Kamugisha Rick Nelson