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Gully erosion management

Gully erosion management [Ethiopia]

Gully erosion management is the application of combination of practices to control excess or concentrated runoff generation in the gully upstream catchment area, divert excess runoff upstream of gully heads and control further development of gully using appropriate structural and vegetative measures in the head, bed and sides of the ...

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Rehabilitation of degraded lands

Rehabilitation of degraded lands [Ethiopia]

Activities that help maintain the productive potentials of soils through prevention and reduction of erosion, enhancing of rehabilitation rate by practicing measures such as microbasins, trench, eyebrow terrace, terraces, pitting and plantation of trees.

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Stone wall check dam

Stone wall check dam [Ethiopia]

Stone wall check dams are built across a gully to collect alluvial soil and hinder further gully erosion.

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Hillside Terracing

Hillside Terracing [Ethiopia]

A hillside terrace is a structure along the contour, where a strip of land is levelled for tree planting.

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Multiple Cropping

Multiple Cropping [Ethiopia]

Multiple cropping is an agronomic practice of growing two or more crops on the same land simultaneously in a given growing season

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Konso Bench Terrace

Konso Bench Terrace [Ethiopie]

It is a stone wall embankment along the contour with land leveling in between two terrace walls to control erosion.

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Runoff/floodwater farming

Runoff/floodwater farming [Ethiopie]

Runoff/flood farming locally known as Korbe is a practice that involves diversion of water from different sources for growing vegetables, fruit trees and crops of high value on a land prepared known as Korbe.

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