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Check Dam

Check Dam [China]

Check dam refers to dam that constructed in the gullies or river ways and the height of the dam is often lower than 5m.

  • Compilateur: Haiyan WEI
Zero Tillage

Zero Tillage [China]

Zero tillage technology was developed to protect the soils from sealing rainfall, to achieve and maintain a open internal soil structure, to enhance biological processes in the soil, and to develop a means for safe disposal of any surface runoff that nevertheless will occur.

  • Compilateur: Zhanguo Bai
Bench terraces on loess soil

Bench terraces on loess soil [China]

A Terrace is a structural SLM practice with a raised flat platform built on the slope to reduce soil loss and runoff on the slope, increase the rainfall infiltration and yield.

  • Compilateur: Fei WANG
Small Watershed Comprehensive Development

Small Watershed Comprehensive Development [China]

Controlling a small watershed comprehensively with structural, vegetative, management, and agronomic measures based on harvesting area of ground water and underground water, to improve the production and conservation of land.

  • Compilateur: Jun XIA
Auto-Flowing Slurry Dam

Auto-Flowing Slurry Dam [China]

Auto-flowing slurry dams is filled with dense slurry by water flow from upland to maintain eroded soil particles and runoff.

  • Compilateur: Yan ZHANG

Terrace [China]

A terrace is a kind of measure to change the slope, which has a raised bank of earth or stone with vertical or sloping sides and a approximately flat top.

  • Compilateur: Meili WEN
Integrating native trees in rubber monocultures

Integrating native trees in rubber monocultures [China]

The technology combines the integration of native tree species into rubber monocultures with changed weed management to mitigate negative environmental impacts and to provide alternative income options for farmers.

  • Compilateur: Gerhard Langenberger