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Livestock Committee at Village Level

Livestock Committee at Village Level [Таджикистан]

Livestock committees were established with the goal to improve livestock health as well as natural resource management in the watersheds where the village pastures were situated. Livestock committees in the Muminabad district are organised at village level and coordinate their activities through the registered livestock association at district level.

  • Цуглуулсан этгээд: Sa'dy Odinashoev
Pasture Calendar

Pasture Calendar [Таджикистан]

Pasture calendar services the PUU as part of the implementation of the plan with a specific timeframe and activities. It helps communities in designing intervention with regard to the need of agreed activities in the calendar.

  • Цуглуулсан этгээд: Askarsho Zevarshoev
Joint Forest Management (JFM)

Joint Forest Management (JFM) [Таджикистан]

Protection and rehabilitation of state forests based on joint long term agreements set up between the State Forestry Agency, and local forest users (in the frame of CACILM).

  • Цуглуулсан этгээд: Roziya Kirgizbekova