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Peer farmers as a village resource person for scaling Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Practices

Peer farmers as a village resource person for ... [Uganda]

A prosocial behavior approach, where a peer farmer identified by other local farmers is trained on a technology and then used as a trainer for the fellow farmers (farmer group or neighbors).

  • Составитель: Sunday Balla Amale
Afforestation/Tree planting

Afforestation/Tree planting [Uganda]

Tree planting carried out by individual land users on hilly slopes to improve soil cover ,reduce wind strength , provide wood fuel & household income.

  • Составитель: Wilson Bamwerinde
Promoting farmer innovation

Promoting farmer innovation [Uganda]

Identification of farmer innovators in SWC and water harvesting, and using them as focal points for visits from other farmers to spread the practices and stimulate the process of innovation.

  • Составитель: Kithinji Mutunga
Farmer Initiated Pine Tree Planting

Farmer Initiated Pine Tree Planting [Uganda]

Farmer owned initiated pine tree planting approach is an individual initiative promoted by a farmer with the aim of establishing modern tree nurseries for raising seedlings for other farmers and communal learning

  • Составитель: betty adoch
Soil pH management

Soil pH management [United Kingdom]

Acidification treatments were applied to improved pastures in an attempt to restore plots to low-intensity grazing land

  • Составитель: Tandra Fraser