FLOW AID RESEARCH PROJECT: "Farm Level Optimal Water Management: Assistant for Irrigation under Deficit”

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รายงานกิจการ: European Union

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FLOW AID RESEARCH PROJECT: "Farm Level Optimal Water Management: Assistant for Irrigation under Deficit”


European Union


Prevailing land use in the specified location

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Contribution to Desertification, land degradation and drought (DLDD) measures

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Contribution to the strategic objectives

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Section 1. Context of the best practice: frame conditions (natural and human environment)

คำอธิบายแบบสั้น ๆ ของวิธีปฏิบัติที่ดีที่สุด

The project aimed to develop and test a sensor technology for irrigation under deficit conditions that could be used at farm level in a large variety of set-ups and constraints. In addition the projects is focused on the develoment of a calibrated water management decision support system to assist in farm zoning and crop planning, in relation with expected water availability, according to basin management.


Actions are are evaluated at pilot sites in 4 Mediterranean countries: Italy, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, as well as Netherlands; |

On the basis of which criteria and/or indicator(s) (not related to The Strategy) the proposed practice and corresponding technology has been considered as 'best'?

On the basis of measures, methods or activities that are considered successful in terms of achieving desired outcomes and good performances when it comes to UNCCD operational and strategic objectives, and that are contributing to enhance the implementation of the Convention.

Section 2. Problems addressed (direct and indirect causes) and objectives of the best practice

Main problems addressed by the best practice

Optimization of water management to prevent income losses, in water deficit areas for crops growing.|

Specify the objectives of the best practice

The project goals are to improve and optimise deficit irrigation practices, by helping farmers to control irrigation systems more efficiently. Particularly, it is based on the co-operation with scientists of universities and research stations, and engineering companies, to develop new systems and technologies for irrigation and drainage. |

Section 4. Institutions/actors involved (collaboration, participation, role of stakeholders)

Was the technology developed in partnership?



Plant Research International B.V.
PO Box 16, 6700 AA Wageningen
Ir. Jos Balendonck

Specify the framework within which the technology was promoted

  • International initiative