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Slope erosion control using wooden pile walls

Slope erosion control using wooden pile walls [Armenia]

Small horizontal wooden structures and terraces on eroded slopes built to mitigate sheet or rill erosion and slow down water run-off. The technology is easy to apply and efficient to mitigate erosion processes of the upper soil layer and to stop small rock falls.

  • Compiler: Hanns Kirchmeir

Ecograze [Australia]

An ecologically sound and practical grazing management system, based on rotation and wet season resting.

  • Compiler: Andrew Ash
Green cane trash blanket

Green cane trash blanket [Australia]

Elimination of burning as a pre-harvest treatment of sugar cane, and managing the resultant trash as a protective blanket to give multiple on and off-site benefits.

  • Compiler: Anthony J. Webster
Multipurpose Earthen Dam

Multipurpose Earthen Dam [Bangladesh]

Artificial earthen dam constructed in the narrow valley of the hills for water harvesting, aquaculture, house hold uses and irrigation.

  • Compiler: Sankar Paul
Alternate wetting and drying (AWD) method in rice cultivation

Alternate wetting and drying (AWD) method in rice ... [Bangladesh]

Alternative Drying and Wetting (AWD) is a practice in rice cultivation which decrease water use, while having no impact on rice yield. It also decreases the amount of methane into the atmosphere and fuel consumption of water pumps.

  • Compiler: Mutasim Billah