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Foyers améliorés

Foyers améliorés [Burundi]

Promotion des techniques de fabrication et d'utilisation des foyers améliorés dans les ménages

  • Compiler: Salvator Ndabirorere
Courbes de niveau

Courbes de niveau [Burundi]

Association des barrières en travers de la pente (fossés anti-érosifs), des herbes fixatrices , des plants agroforestiers et des animaux pour améliorer la sécurité alimentaire et le bien-être social.

  • Compiler: Salvator Ndabirorere
Cultivation of organic vegetables to improve the household economy and the soil quality

Cultivation of organic vegetables to improve the household ... [Cambodia]

Cultivation of mixed organic vegetables utilizing natural fertilizers and homemade pesticides so as to reduce expenditure on external agriculture inputs, as well as produce organic vegetables that safeguard both the producers’ and consumers’ health. This practice is mainly suitable for the maintenance and improvement of the soil’s fertility.

  • Compiler: Sok Pheak
Cashew living fences

Cashew living fences [Cambodia]

Living fences of cashew, reinforced with bamboo and/or barbed wire, are used to keep the cattle off the garden or the rice seedbed.

  • Compiler: Stefan Graf