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Dynamic agroforestry systems

Dynamic agroforestry systems [Bolivia, Plurinational State of]

Dynamic agroforestry systems are highly diversified farming systems which go through the different phases of the natural succession, from pioneer plant dominated stages up to primary trees dominated stages, were the different strata are used for different crops, and where pruning and selective weeding enhances the dynamic development of plant ...

  • Compiler: Johanna Jacobi
Split Ranch Grazing Strategy

Split Ranch Grazing Strategy [Botswana]

Split Ranch Grazing involves grazing half the available area for a full year - concentrating livestock. The consequent grazing pressure maintains the grassland in an immature, high-quality state, while resting the other half, allowing optimal recovery from the previous full years grazing. The technology is simple, requiring less fencing than ...

  • Compiler: Richard Fynn
Game Ranching

Game Ranching [Botswana]

To conserve/sustain rangeland through controlled grazing of wildlife enterprise

  • Compiler: Wanda Mphinyane