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Water borne manuring system involves runoff water driving the manure placed in trenches to every individual citrus tree which fruits through the year.

  • Compilateur: Alex Lwakuba
Zero grazing

Zero grazing [Uganda]

Stall-fed livestock production is an efficient method to produce organic fertilizers (manure) for the conservation and improvement of soil fertility.

  • Compilateur: Wilson Bamwerinde
Ground water fed fish ponds

Ground water fed fish ponds [Uganda]

Fish farming supported by availability of water is considered as profitable enterprise in Northern Uganda. Farmers use areas with either high water tables or swamps to locate the ground water recharged fish ponds and water for fish production and crop irrigation during the dry season.

  • Compilateur: Kamugisha Rick Nelson

Mulching [Uganda]

Improving soil fertility for both animal and perennial crops on flat area using mulching.

  • Compilateur: Wilson Bamwerinde
Improved trash lines

Improved trash lines [Uganda]

Weeds and crop residues laid in bands across the slope of annual crop fields to conserve soil and water, and to incorporate organic matter into the soil after decomposition.

  • Compilateur: Unknown User