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Barley fodder management for livestock production among smallholder farmers

Barley fodder management for livestock production among smallholder ... [Uganda]

Barley fodder technology is a livestock feed that grows under a hydroponic system. This green feed is highly palatable, rich in protein and energy yet cost-effective. It takes few days to maturity (5-6 days) and can be grown in a smaller area. One kilogram of barley seeds can yield up ...

  • Compilateur: Sarah Babirye
Intercropping Soya and Maize

Intercropping Soya and Maize [Uganda]

Soybean (Glycine max) and maize (Zea Mays) and planted together in the same field to increase soil fertility, production and household income.

  • Compilateur: Kamugisha Rick Nelson
Percolation pits

Percolation pits [Uganda]

A percolation pit is an excavation in the ground in the pathway of water runoff to intercept the flow of the water and thereby reduce erosion and destruction of crops, settlements and other infrastructure downstream

  • Compilateur: Philip Tibenderana
Ficus Natalensis Agroforestry System

Ficus Natalensis Agroforestry System [Uganda]

Ficus natalensis based agroforestry system protects crops on windy hill slopes facing Lake Victoria and reduce runoff towards the meandering Kagera River Valley.

  • Compilateur: Wilson Bamwerinde
Afforestation /Tree planting

Afforestation /Tree planting [Uganda]

Pine tree forests have been strategically planted on previously bare ridges and slopes to mitigate mass soil movement.

  • Compilateur: Wilson Bamwerinde