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Reforced terraces for stone walls

Reforced terraces for stone walls [Cape Verde]

Platforms created in series along the slopes, separated by punch of stone, vertical, reduced the length of slopes and facilitating the infiltration of water and increasing production

  • Compiler: Jacques Tavares

Afforestation [Cape Verde]

Afforestation is one of the key technologies to address the fragility of ecosystems: it provides better protection against erosion and makes better use of rainfall in order to maintain the sustainability of agricultural systems.

  • Compiler: Jacques Tavares
Barreiras Vivas de Leucaena

Barreiras Vivas de Leucaena [Cape Verde]

Vegetative measure based on the planting of the bush, Leucaena leucocephala, on line along the level curves in the steep slopes

  • Compiler: Jacques Tavares
Crop rotation with legumes

Crop rotation with legumes [Chile]

Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF) of legumes as a source of N in crop rotations with cereals in Mediterranean Chile

  • Compiler: Carlos Ovalle
Uso de enmiendas orgánicas en el suelo

Uso de enmiendas orgánicas en el suelo [Chile]

Uso de enmiendas orgánicas en el suelo para la mejora de las características químicas y biológicas de los suelos y para favorecer la sostenibilidad y el manejo integrado de la nutrición.

  • Compiler: Lisa Reiter