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Post-fire Forest Residue Mulch

Post-fire Forest Residue Mulch [Portugal]

Forest residue mulch is spread immediately after a wildfire in order to prevent soil erosion and reduce overland flow.

  • Compiler: Sergio Prats Alegre Prats
Post-fire Natural Mulching

Post-fire Natural Mulching [Portugal]

In certain situations, the leaves from the burnt trees created a natural carpet that protect the soil from being eroded.

  • Compiler: Sergio Prats Alegre Prats
Level ditches in cropland

Level ditches in cropland [Slovakia]

Conservation measures for eroded cropland. The technology contains level ditches of various lengths, which are digged along a contour.

  • Compiler: Zuzana Studvova
Wooden check dams

Wooden check dams [Slovakia]

Small wooden check dams built in erosion rills, grooves or gorges to reduce flood risk.

  • Compiler: Zuzana Studvova
Caso de estudio del Guadiamar

Caso de estudio del Guadiamar [Spain]

Medidas de recuperación del suelo y revegetación desarrolladas en 1999-2000 para reducir la movilidad de los elementos traza del suelo.

  • Compiler: José Miguel Pérez-Álvarez