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Community Organizations and Mobilization for Soil and Water Conservation Work (COM-SWC)

Community Organizations and Mobilization for Soil and Water ... [Ethiopia]

Community mobilization for soil and water conservation work in a watershed planning unit is an approach for collective action by organizing all active labor forces living in the kebele/peasant association into development group of 20-30 members and further divide into 1:5 work force to implement construction of soil and water ...

  • Compiler: Gizaw Desta Gessesse
Incentive based CCPPA

Incentive based CCPPA [Ethiopia]

The participation of the communities in the planning implementation and evaluation of SWC activities and provided with food for work as an insentive to encourage participation.

  • Compiler: Daniel Danano
Labour exchange

Labour exchange [Ethiopie]

It is an approach based on labour exchange organized on the basis of mutual assistance involving no payment for work done. However, the land user is supposed to provide people participating with food and drinks. All wanting such cooperation request the me

  • Compiler: Unknown User
Mobile Community Garden

Mobile Community Garden [Germany]

The SLM approach can be defined as community supported mobile urban farm, which serves the goals of vegetable production, and place of learning and knowledge sharing.

  • Compiler: Peter Kirch