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Community storage shed

Community storage shed [Chad]

Community storage sheds contribute to the food security of vulnerable rural households by facilitating access to stocks and the availability of food during the period between harvests (shortage). The approach makes it possible to mobilize a community with the intention to establish a storage shed for food security at the …

  • Compiler: Mahamat Moussa Absakine
Early Warning System

Early Warning System [Chad]

The early warning system is a mechanism which enables to prevent risks related to food insecurity.

  • Compiler: Mahamat Moussa Absakine
Zero Tillage

Zero Tillage [Chile]

Zero tillage approch was developed to protect the soil of de rainfall

  • Compiler: Carlos Ruiz

Terrace [China]

Terraces are built on a slope land which as a raised bank made up of earth or stone with vertical or sloping sides and an approximately flat top to control soil erosion and preserve and enhance soil fertility.

  • Compiler: Meili WEN
Terrace approach

Terrace approach [China]

Highly organised campaign to assist land users in creating terraces: support and planning from national down to local level.

  • Compiler: Yaolin Wang