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Check Dam

Check Dam [China]

Check dam is a kind of sediment storage dam of 5m below and is built in channels to control the down cutting of channel bed.

  • Compiler: Haiyan WEI

Subsoiling [China]

Subsoiling with mulching is one of the conservative tillage using subsoiling plough to loose subsoils with surface soil undisturbed.

  • Compiler: Zhanguo Bai
Falling Water Dam

Falling Water Dam [China]

The falling water dams are widely built in the middle reach of the Yellow River, the typical dams are filled with dense slurry by water flow from upland. The approach is implemented mainly by government investment.

  • Compiler: Yan ZHANG
Project of check-dam for land

Project of check-dam for land [China]

Approach of check dam for land is a kind of soil and water conservation activity to reduce the sediment discharge and improve the agricultural condition through building a dam across the valley in order to silt the sediment from upstream untill it convert to land with few soil erosion and ...

  • Compiler: Fei WANG
Terrace approach

Terrace approach [China]

Highly organised campaign to assist land users in creating terraces: support and planning from national down to local level.

  • Compiler: Yaolin Wang
Zero Tillage

Zero Tillage [China]

Zero tillage approach was developed to protect the soils from sealing rainfall, to achieve and maintain a open internal soil structure, to enhance biological processes in the soil, and to develop a means for safe disposal of any surface runoff that nevertheless will occur.

  • Compiler: Zhanguo Bai
Desarrollo a escala humana

Desarrollo a escala humana [Colombia]

Enfoque participativo con valoración del individuo, de la comunidad y del entorno segun el modelo del desarrollo a escala humana. La iniciación del proceso de desarrollo es la formación de una organisación de base en la comunidad de los campesinos para mejorar la cooperación y el intercambio entre asociados. Los ...

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