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Community storage shed

Community storage shed [Chad]

Community storage sheds contribute to the food security of vulnerable rural households by facilitating access to stocks and the availability of food during the period between harvests (shortage). The approach makes it possible to mobilize a community with the intention to establish a storage shed for food security at the ...

  • Compiler: Mahamat Moussa Absakine
Early Warning System

Early Warning System [Chad]

The early warning system is a mechanism which enables to prevent risks related to food insecurity.

  • Compiler: Mahamat Moussa Absakine
Zero Tillage

Zero Tillage [Chile]

Zero tillage approch was developed to protect the soil of de rainfall

  • Compiler: Carlos Ruiz
Solar Stove for Rural Communities

Solar Stove for Rural Communities [China]

Solar stoves use solar energy for cooking, featuring environmental-friendly, zero pollution, low cost, easy operation and maintenance, safe and convenient use, saving firewood, etc. To operate the stove, adjust condenser aiming at the sun with the spot on stove or other objects to be heated.

  • Compiler: Anna Schuler
Rural Biogas Development- One Digester with Three Facilities

Rural Biogas Development- One Digester with Three Facilities [China]

A campaign of “One digester with three facilities”, launched by the government and promoted by demonstration, is going on Jingyuan County of Gansu Province. This campaign is aimed at improving biogas digester and three facilities used in the kitchen, animal house and toilet.

  • Compiler: Anna Schuler
Shelter Belt

Shelter Belt [China]

The shelter belt is a strip or a row of trees planted in a farmland as a wind barrier to protect crops and reduce wind erosion.

  • Compiler: Meili WEN
Fulfilling of Year-after-year terraced land

Fulfilling of Year-after-year terraced land [China]

Year-after-year terraced land is a kind of practice to enlarge the flat land step by step with the growing up of new planted trees in order to reduce runoff generation and improve the water moisture of the soil and the yield as well.

  • Compiler: Fei WANG