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Community Safety Nets - Establishment of rice seed banks at village level

Community Safety Nets - Establishment of rice seed ... [Cambodia]

A rice (seed) bank is a community safety net system where farmers can get both rice seeds for cultivation and rice for consumption from a communal storage house in order to increase their food security by guaranteeing: (1) year-round access to high quality seeds and rice for consumption, (2) access ...

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Water user group

Water user group [Cambodia]

A water user group, led by a committee staff, decides about the distribution of the water during the dry season to plant dry season rice.

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Model farmer

Model farmer [Cambodia]

Model farms were introduced by a NGO in order to spread knowledge about SLM (compost, System of Rice Intensification SRI, and other technologies) in the project area.

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A Safe Vegetable Growers Group in the Svaymeanchey Satrey Samaki Agricultural Cooperative

A Safe Vegetable Growers Group in the Svaymeanchey ... [Cambodia]

The safe vegetable growers group was formed by farmers on a voluntary basis and is part of an Agricultural Cooperative. It supports the selling of products through an organized group to buyers. The producers and the buyers have to sign a contract as the main agreement and with set principles. ...

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Community storage shed

Community storage shed [Chad]

Community storage sheds contribute to the food security of vulnerable rural households by facilitating access to stocks and the availability of food during the period between harvests (shortage). The approach makes it possible to mobilize a community with the intention to establish a storage shed for food security at the ...

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