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Afforestation of bare land in karst areas

Afforestation of bare land in karst areas [Bosnia and Herzegovina]

Afforestation of bare land in Herzegovina region, a vulnerable area characterized by Karst landscapes, is an SLM technique aimed to increase water-holding capacity and reduce land degradation

  • Цуглуулсан этгээд: Marijana Kapović Solomun
Game Ranching

Game Ranching [Botswana]

To conserve/sustain rangeland through controlled grazing of wildlife enterprise

  • Цуглуулсан этгээд: Wanda Mphinyane
Split Ranch Grazing Strategy

Split Ranch Grazing Strategy [Botswana]

Split Ranch Grazing involves grazing half the available area for a full year - concentrating livestock. The consequent grazing pressure maintains the grassland in an immature, high-quality state, while resting the other half, allowing optimal recovery from the previous full years grazing. The technology is simple, requiring less fencing than ...

  • Цуглуулсан этгээд: Richard Fynn

Biogas [Botswana]

Production of methane gas from cow-dung for use in house-hold cooking, heating and lighting in order to reduce fire wood demand

  • Цуглуулсан этгээд: Sebego Reuben
Solar Cooker

Solar Cooker [Botswana]

Harnessing solar energy through solar cookers

  • Цуглуулсан этгээд: Julius Atlhopheng
Minimum tillage

Minimum tillage [Brazil]

Seed of maize and soy are planted directly into the soil with a minimum previous tillage impact.

  • Цуглуулсан этгээд: Stefan Hohnwald
Terracing for soil erosion protection

Terracing for soil erosion protection [Brazil]

Terracing of landscapes against soil erosion for soy, corn, cotton, and sugar cane production of large enterprises in Central Brazil

  • Цуглуулсан этгээд: Stefan Hohnwald