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Flat Contour Terraces

Flat Contour Terraces [Yemen]

Old flat terraces were built in accordance with the contour lines and surrounded by stones to create a suitable environment for the growth of crops, slope stabilization and reduce the risk of runoff and increasing water harvesting.

  • Compiler: ahmed algalal
Small Earth Dams

Small Earth Dams [Zambia]

Water harvesting and storage structures to impound runoff generated from upstream catchment areas.

  • Compiler: MAIMBO MALESU
Conservation Tillage with Magoye Ripper

Conservation Tillage with Magoye Ripper [Zambia]

Conservation Tillage with the Magoye Ripper is an animal draft reduced tillage method that involves the use of the Magoye Ripper to loosen the soil by shattering with a tine instead of ploughing.

  • Compiler: Silenga Wamunyima
Strip Tillage Conservation Farming

Strip Tillage Conservation Farming [Zambia]

Strip Tillage Conservation Farming is an animal draft reduced tillage method that involves loosening a strip of soil with a strip tillage tool so as to reduce soil disturbance and improve soil and water conservation.

  • Compiler: Silenga Wamunyima
Animal Draft Zero-Tillage

Animal Draft Zero-Tillage [Zambia]

Animal draft zero-till involves the use of an animal drawn mechanical planter to plant directly in untilled soil to minimize soil disturbance and leave a cover of crop residues to conserve the soil and water.

  • Compiler: Silenga Wamunyima